Westminster Diary – Correspondence and issues for the MP


A key role for any Member of Parliament involves responding to issued raised by constituents. These are generated from correspondence through e-mail and letters, as well as visitors to my surgeries held in Rugby and in Bulkington.  One of the most unexpected aspects of my work as the MP for Rugby, has been the volume of this correspondence that has come before me.  The number of cases that have, or currently are being dealt with since my election four months ago, is fast approaching 400 and has covers many wide ranging from concerns from the very local to issues of international significance.  This correspondence has provided me with a real and important insight into the concerns held by my constituents and has follows on from the election campaign when on a regular basis I had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of people across the constituency about the issues that mattered to them. The letters and emails received on a daily basis, ensure that I am not engulfed by the ‘Westminster Bubble’ and keep me up to date with what really matters to the people I represent. 

Many of the issues that I have become involved with about often arise in the wake of decisions taken by the previous Government. As an example, the problems that have been encountered by those who invested in Equitable Life have proved to be a real concern to a number of constituents and so far I have received twenty six inquiries about the continually developing situation. Due to the current economic situation and the need to begin to reduce the massive deficit left by Labour, it has often been the case that I have not always been in a position to provide the response desired by so many of the people who have contacted me. 

In addition, a number of more local issues have come to the fore over the past three months, such as concerns about gypsy and traveller encampments, planning applications for new wind farms and the rebuilding of a motorway junction.  The current consultation concerning Accident and Emergency provision at The Hospital of St Cross has resulted in a huge increase in the size of my mail bag and has shown the desire of the people of Rugby to retain their local services. In response to the representations I have received, I have arranged a public meeting to take at the Benn Hall in Rugby on September 9th at 7pm. I would urge all those who wish to voice their concerns to attend and in doing so make use of the important relationship between an MP and the residents of the area he or she represents.