Statement from Mark on Oakfield Recreation Ground

As many local residents will now be aware a new planning application has been submitted to Rugby Borough Council to develop the Oakfield Recreation Ground.

I have always been firmly opposed to any plans to develop the site and remain so. The recreation ground is situated in a densely populated area of our town which already has insufficient open space and I strongly believe that it should be returned to open, green space for community use.

There is little doubt that Oakfield Recreation Ground is an asset of local importance and community value. It has been regularly used by local residents, families and sporting teams over many years and its long-term loss would have a severe, and negative, impact on the local community and on our town more broadly.

Although I do not have any influence over the planning process my great hope is that Oakfield Recreation Ground is returned to its former use so that it can once again be enjoyed by my constituents.

Mark Pawsey MP