Rugby MP Mark Pawsey sees how local technology business Off Grid Energy are at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey was shown by Danny Jones, Director of Off Grid Energy, how their innovative energy storage technology is paving the way for the expansion of electric vehicles.

The UK is leading the way with the growth in electric vehicles (EV’s) as part of a drive to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and clean the air we breathe. One of the biggest challenges this presents, however, is the available grid capacity to charge the growing number of electric vehicles on our roads. Using stored energy and smart charging technology is one of the solutions to this challenge and Off Grid Energy are pioneering the technology in this sector.

Having already supplied ground breaking and innovative solutions for United Parcel Services’ depot in Camden and to JLR for the media launch of the i-Pace all electric car in Portugal, the latest project for Oxford Bus captures energy from solar panels which is stored to charge the busses up at night.

Rugby MP, Mark Pawsey, who sits on the Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee at Parliament, has an interest in electric vehicle charging technology. Mark visited Off Grid Energy to see the equipment being prepared for delivery to Oxford.

Speaking after meeting with Danny Jones, Mark said:

“Off Grid Energy are a great local success story, working right at the cutting edge of the electric vehicle revolution. I have previously seen how their energy storage solutions are enabling the transformation of the logistics industry with United Parcel Services and I was delighted to find out more about their work with Oxford Bus.”

Mark continued:

“Electric vehicles represent the future of the automotive industry and here in the West Midlands, we are seeing dynamic and innovative companies such as Off Grid Energy really leading the way. As a member of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee I’m interested in how Government can support small businesses in this sector and I’m very keen to see what solution Off Grid Energy produce next!”

Danny Jones, Director at OGE, added:

“The project has been a fabulous opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our technology. For a small business, based in Rugby, it’s great to be demonstrate how the UK is at the forefront of innovation in the EV revolution. We’re proud to be able to continue the great tradition Rugby has for world class excellence in electrical engineering.”