Mark visits Paddox Primary for valuable lesson in yurts

Mark recently joined pupils at Paddox Primary School for a lesson in the great outdoors.

The school boasts a forest school in its outdoor learning area to help make pupils more aware about the outdoors. Pupils are able to learn more about outdoor activities including survival skills, camping and cooking. 

The school is hoping to add two yurts – large permanent tents – to the forest school.

Mark said: 

“It was great to visit Paddox Primary and learn more about the yurts project.”

Mark continued:

“The forest school is a great idea and it was clear that the pupils really enjoy the new skills that they are learning – it was obvious that toasting marshmallows was of particular interest!”

Mark concluded:

“The activities the pupils are able to participate in are different to those offered in the classroom and are helping broaden their learning. It’s a great project and I hope to visit again when the yurts are in place.”

Headteacher Jane Le Poidevin said:

“Through the introduction of forest schools the children have experienced a wide range of learning opportunities that they would never access in the classroom and in some cases rarely access at home.”