Mark speaks to Parliament on small businesses


Mark Pawsey MP has spoken in a House of Commons debate on small businesses, calling for changes to employment law, to encourage small businesses to take on more employees. The Rugby MP spoke up for the key role salesmen play in business, and said we need a ‘culture change’ to give them proper recognition and attract people into this important profession.

Speaking after the debate, Mark said:

‘Small businesses are the lifeblood of the country’s economy. 98% of the UK’s businesses are small businesses, and as we beat the recession, they are on the front line of that fight. As Rugby’s businesses are preparing for Small Business Saturday, and as a Member of Parliament who once ran a small business, I was glad to get the chance to speak in this important debate.’

Mark commented:

‘Salesmen are often maligned or underappreciated, so I felt it was important to remind Parliament of how important they are to all businesses. They are the people who end the manufacturing process. Without them informing the customers, the services would never get delivered.’

Mark concluded:

‘Even with the economy we inherited, this Government has done a lot to support small businesses, both in Rugby and across the country. As we see more and more encouraging news about the economy, I hope that the Government will respond to my calls to help small businesses grow and take on more employees. It would benefit business, jobseekers, and communities like Rugby.’



Hansard link:… at 3.07pm