Mark raises concerns of local residents over loss of Motability vehicles in Parliament

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby and Bulkington, last week raised with Justin Tomlinson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People, the impact of delays in relation to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) appeals on people with Motability vehicles. 

Mark acted after being contacted by a number of local residents who have had to return their Motability vehicles whilst they await the outcome of their appeals against decisions not to award their claim for PIP. He was keen to learn what steps the Government was taking to speed up the appeals process, so that in the event of successful appeals these vehicles are returned as quickly as possible.

Speaking in the Chamber of the House of Commons last week, Mark said:

“I have been contacted by a number of constituents who have been in receipt of a Motability vehicle and have appealed against a PIP assessment. They tell me that it can take months for their appeal to be heard, during which their entitlement to the vehicle, to which expensive adaptations have sometimes been made, is withdrawn. What steps can the Minister take to ensure that those rightly in receipt of a Motability vehicle retain it?”

Responding to Mark’s comments, the Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson MP, drew particular attention to the current work the Government is conducting with Motability to introduce a package of support for those who lose their eligibility. In addition, the Minister highlighted the support the Government has already put in place and the changes the Government has made to allow appeals and disputes to be heard more quickly. 

Speaking after the debate, Mark concluded:

“I have had a number of residents raise with me their concerns over the impact an extended appeals process may have on mobility needs. I welcome the fact that the Government, along with Motability, are working towards a package of support to better assist those who lose their eligibility and that progress is being made to speed up the appeals process.”