Local MP Mark Pawsey calls for improvements around Rugby train station

Local MP Mark Pawsey has called for additional funding to help solve congestion and parking issues around Rugby train station.

Following the recent news that Warwickshire County Council has been unsuccessful in securing the funding to build a new Parkway station at Houlton, Mark has called upon the council to use the money it had set aside for the project to instead improve the roads around the main station in the town centre.

Mark said:

“Warwickshire County Council set aside £2m for its proposed new Parkway station at Houlton and now that it seems the project will not be coming forward any time soon I firmly believe that this money should be used to improve the roads around Rugby station.”

Mark continued:

“This March I convened a meeting with representatives from the Rugby Rail Users Group, Virgin Trains and Warwickshire County Council to discuss access and congestion issues around the station. The council should now use this opportunity to address these long-standing congestion issues and Virgin Trains should in turn increase the parking capacity to meet the growing local demand.”

Mark concluded:

“I will be writing to the County Council formally to ask that they release this money to improve the road network around the station as well as to Virgin Trains to ask when they intend to provide additional capacity in their station car parks for local commuters.”