Why I am backing the Prime Minister's Deal

Tomorrow Parliament will meet on a Saturday for only the third time since the Second World War for what will be one of the most important votes in our nation’s history. This will be to give effect to the referendum of 2016 and set out the basis for the UK to leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has succeeded in reopening the Withdrawal Agreement and negotiating a new deal with our European partners. It will mean that we take back control of our laws, trade, borders and money without disruption, and provides the basis of a new relationship with the EU based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

I have always maintained that the best way to honour the result of the referendum is to leave with a deal, enabling a smooth and orderly transition which provides certainty for residents and businesses. It is very important for Rugby & Bulkington to retain our close trading links with our European partners that would be lost if we left with no deal.

The new deal negotiated by the Prime Minister also provides crucial reassurances on many of the concerns raised by those who opposed the previous Withdrawal Agreement. It will take us out of EU laws, enabling us to change our laws to better reflect the interests of the British people on important issues such as product standards and animal welfare and the UK will also be free to negotiate our own trade policies.

As such, tomorrow I will be voting for the Prime Minister’s deal. It is my firm hope that colleagues on both sides of the House will see that there is now light at the end of the Brexit tunnel and join me in supporting it. The Prime Minister’s new deal enables the country to move on to the other issues which local residents have been talking to me about on the doorstep – funding our NHS, improving our schools and enabling the UK to be the best place in the world to do business.