Westminster Diary - The European Union (Withdrawal) Act

Last week the House of Commons passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. This is a vital piece of legislation which will transfer many of the existing laws which currently have effect due to our membership of the European Union directly into UK law. This will provide certainty for businesses and individuals as we leave the EU.

Since the referendum, I have been clear that my priority is to ensure that businesses which create jobs and growth in Rugby and throughout the country continue to be able to trade easily with our European partners. This will be vital to preserve the success we have seen in local industries, including the renaissance in the motor industry. Through meetings with local businesses and also my role on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee, I am very aware of the concerns of businesses relating to our future trading relationships. I would like to see a deal with the EU which maximises free trade between businesses and maintains the UK’s reputation as a great place to do business. I will be carefully considering the steps the Government is taking to ensure this during the forthcoming Trade Bill, due to return to Parliament next month.

I also appreciate that many local residents are concerned that the high standards of employment rights, environmental protections and individual liberties should not be diminished by Brexit. To ensure that we maintain the protections we currently have, the Government accepted an amendment which will also establish a new public authority with the power to protect our environment.

As the Prime Minister has made clear from the beginning, ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed,’ and there are still many areas on which the detail of our future relationship must be made clear. Both I, and my colleagues in Parliament, will continue to scrutinise Government during this process to deliver both on the result of the referendum and to secure the best possible deal for future generations.