Westminster Diary - Conference Season

As this year’s Party Conference season drew to an end it brought with it an understanding that a line had been drawn in the political sand.

Ed Miliband confirmed that he wants to bring back socialism and outlined Labour’s new energy policies - which industry experts believe could lead to blackouts - whilst David Cameron spoke of his vision of our country as a land of opportunity. 

A country once again committed to being open for business; a nation built on the endeavour of those with the aspiration and drive to work hard and get on. The Prime Minister spoke of building a bright future for our children, and our grand-children, and reminded us that there is still work to do as we continue on the road to economic recovery. The Prime Minister also highlighted the Government's achievements since taking office - an extensive list.

Under this Government the deficit has been cut, young people have been helped on to the housing ladder, benefits have been capped and people have been encouraged back to work, jobs and wealth have been created, marriage has been backed, people on lower incomes have been taken out of tax, there has been a reduction in tax of over £700 for millions of hardworking people, immigration has been cut, 6000 more doctors have been employed by the NHS, council tax has been frozen, fuel duty has been frozen and crime is down by 10%. We have also, finally, stood up to the bureaucrats in Brussels and vetoed a treaty which was not in our national interest and demanded, and achieved, a cut in the EU budget. 

Each one of these achievements has helped resuscitate our economy. There is a long way to go but we are on the right track and continuing to clear up the mess left by the last Government. We are building an aspiration nation, a land of opportunity where every child has the chance of a first class education and where not only our universities but also the apprenticeships offered by our businesses are the envy of the world. A country where people can walk the street where they have bought their own home free from the fear of crime and can be assured of what our national values are: learn, work hard, do the right thing and get on in life.

These are the values I believe that our country holds dear and are the values that only one party leader demonstrated he was dedicated to promoting and achieving.