MP shows his support for Armed Forces day in Westminster

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey highlights the importance of Armed Forces day and reiterates his support for our troops

Mark Pawsey MP took the opportunity in Westminster last week to highlight the great importance of Armed Forces Day, and to pay his respects to the country’s armed forces personnel, during questions to the Secretary of Defence Liam Fox MP.

Mark was keen to highlight the incredible bravery of our armed forces and to pay his respects to the many sacrifices they make each day.

Speaking in the Commons Mark said:

“I had the honour of joining Armed Forces day celebrations in my constituency. This annual event not only raises public awareness of the contribution made to our country by those who serve, and have served in the armed forces, but gives the opportunity to the entire country to show its support for all men and women and women who make up that community.” 

Mark sought assurances from Mr Fox that the Government felt as strongly about the significance of the day as he did and was very pleased when the Minister reiterated the Government’s commitment to recognising the incredible sacrifices made by our troops:

“I completely agree with my hon friend. Armed Forces day gives us all a chance to be aware of what the armed forces do and gives the public the chance to thank them.”