MP raises importance of private rented sector housing

In the Chamber of the House of Commons, Mark Pawsey MP raised a matter with the Minister for Housing in the House of Commons, calling on the Government to continue their support to the private rented sector. The Minister assured the House that the Government are investing heavily in housing in general, and the private rented sector in particular. The Minister also agreed to visit Rugby in the near future.

Speaking after the debate, Mark said:

‘I am pleased that this Government is doing so much to support the private rented sector in Rugby and elsewhere. It gives people a more flexible option for their housing, and helps them in a difficult housing market.’

Mark commented:

‘The Minister agreed with me that we need to expand rented sector housing, and I am glad that the Government are working to achieve that. It is important that they are reminded how important this issue is to so many people in Rugby and across the country. I am glad to have had the chance to press the Government on it.’

Mark concluded,

‘I was also pleased that the Housing Minister has agreed to come to visit Rugby in the near future. I hope to show him the projects underway in Rugby, and the plans the local community has for the town. I look forward to showing him the opportunities and challenges we face as an area, to make sure that the needs of Rugby are considered right at the heart of Government.’



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