Mark pledges to be a first aid ambassador

On Monday 25th November, Rugby MP Mark Pawsey was officially awarded his St John Ambulance first aid certificate in Parliament. Mark has undertaken first aid training over the past few months in Westminster and he has pledged to be a first aid ambassador in Rugby. 

Each year, up to 140,000 people in England and Wales die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. Mark now wants to encourage people in Rugby to follow in his footsteps and learn first aid skills that could help them save a life.

Mark said: “I am delighted to have completed my training in basic first aid. I found the course very interesting and it has given me the skills to potentially be the difference should someone around me need it.

“It would be fantastic if as many people as possible in Rugby could have these first aid skills as you never know when you may be called upon to use them”.

“Getting basic first aid training might just save a life so I encourage Rugby residents to get in touch with St John’s Ambulance service and get trained up. If more and more people take part in these courses we can ensure we become a nation of life-savers."