Mark Pawsey MP speaks up for first-time buyers

Mark highlighted local and national efforts for first-time buyers in Rugby at a Westminster Hall Debate

On Wednesday 14th March, Rugby MP Mark Pawsey spoke in a Westminster Hall debate on Government incentives for first-time buyers. As a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, Mark has a detailed understanding of this area and he took the opportunity to outline the situation facing first-time buyers. Mark praised the Government and Rugby Borough Council in their support for those who are looking to buy their first property.

During the debate, Mark said:

“As recently as 2005, 65% of first-time buyers were aged under 30. By 2011, that had fallen to 22%. As a consequence, young people are remaining in rented accommodation for longer, often permanently, against their will.  Many remain at home with their parents, as I know from personal experience, and it is leading to a culture change among our younger people.”

Mark praised the efforts of Rugby Borough Council in saying:

“I am delighted that my authority takes a very positive attitude towards development. Work is about to start on a site with 1,300 new homes and a site with 6,200 new homes. I urge Members and local councillors to encourage their councils to take as positive an attitude to new housing development as my local authority.”

Speaking after the debate, Mark said:

“Giving more first-time buyers the opportunity to purchase their own house is a significant aim for us as a country as it not only gets people on the housing ladder but it also acts as a boost for the market as a whole, helping others to move house as well.”

Mark concluded:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to praise our local Council here in Rugby for their efforts in ensuring more help is given to first-time buyers. Residents of Rugby can rest assured that I and our Conservative-led council will keep doing all we can to help and support those who want to buy a property.”

Mark’s comments can be found on Hansard by visiting:…