Mark Pawsey MP congratulates Rugby Conservatives on an excellent election result

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey has congratulated Conservatives standing in “all out” elections to Rugby Borough Council on an excellent result on Thursday. 

Conservatives remain the largest group on the new Council, taking twenty five seats of the forty two contested.

Mark said:

“Local elections are about local issues. On the doorsteps throughout the campaign there was a strong message from Rugby voters that the Conservative controlled Rugby Borough Council has done a good job delivering local services. People know that Council tax has been frozen for three years in a row; that funding has been made available to support apprenticeships and that work has started on a new state-of the art leisure centre.”

Mark added:

“Of course there were those who wanted to have their say on the national situation. Every Government suffers a swing against it at local elections in the middle of a Parliamentary term. It happened when Labour were in power and I am sure it will happen again. At a time when we are taking some very difficult decisions on expenditure as a consequence of the massive deficit left by the last Government, it was inevitable that some people would wish to register their protest. I do accept that Government needs to spend more time talking about the key issue affecting the country which is to support business and create jobs, and less time on issues of less importance to Rugby voters such as gay marriage and House of Lords reform.”

Mark concluded:

“I am pleased that Conservatives locally have retained control of our Council and thank local people for their support at a difficult time for the country. I spoke to many Rugby people in the run up to the local election and I found the majority understand why Government is taking decisive action on the economy, and support measures to get things moving again”.