Mark delivers e-cigarettes petition to Government

Mark Pawsey MP has delivered a petition to the Department of Health, urging Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt to support e-cigarettes, and help smokers seeking to quit. Citing local Rugby company ‘Smoke No Smoke’, Mark Pawsey MP pointed out that these products are effective, saving money and lives, and called on the Government not to penalise them through regulation.

Mark said:

‘I have been pressing the Department of Health to get behind e-cigarettes, for a very simple reason: they work. Products like Smoke No Smoke, from Rugby, are high-quality British products, doing a great thing by helping people to quit smoking.

Mark commented:

‘Six million people per year die because of regular cigarettes. There are lots of different products available to help people quit smoking, but e-cigarettes are at least as effective as other products. Two million people in the UK are using them, and the Government needs to support e-cigarettes, and get the regulations right.’

Mark concluded,

‘E-cigarettes like Smoke No Smoke are n easier way for people to quit smoking, which will save the NHS money – and, more importantly, will save lives. The experts tell us that if every smoker switched to e-cigarettes, five million fewer people would die tobacco related diseases. If the Government take our petition on board, and get behind e-cigarettes, we can make this a reality.’