Mark calls for recognition of independent ambulances associations

Mark Pawsey MP has spoken at a national conference to praise private ambulance providers, and called for MPs and Government to develop better links with them. Giving the keynote address at the Independent Ambulance Association’s (IAA) Annual Conference, Mark Pawsey recognised the significant recent growth of the private ambulance sector, with the IAA operating more than 2,600 vehicles in over 140 locations. Mark picked out the work of A4 MTS, who work in the West Midlands and have transported over 1.5million patients to and from treatment centres in the last year alone.

Speaking after the conference, Mark said:

“The work of private ambulance providers, like A4 MTS, has grown a lot in the past two years. They now make up a significant part of the UK’s healthcare system. They are causing standards to rise, and inspectors often rate them as providing even better service than NHS ambulances.”

Mark commented:

“The growth of the private ambulance sector is good news because it leads to greater innovation and provision in the sector, with better provision made for specific needs, such as bariatric services. They can also complement NHS services during peak times, when there may not otherwise be enough ambulances. Major public events, such as sports matches, are also covered by them, to provide best safety for the public.”

Mark concluded:

“As healthcare in the UK continues to develop, the greater innovation, choice and capacity provided by private ambulance companies are good news. There is better awareness of their work at a Government level, but I would like to see more local MPs going out to meet their local services, and learn how we can all work together to provide a truly world-class healthcare service for the country.”