Mark adds his voice to calls to cut business red tape


Rugby MP has welcomed a new Government-sponsored report that aims to slash EU red tape and save British companies tens of billions of pounds. The Government’s Business Taskforce has proposed 30 reforms the UK could make to stop EU red tape strangling the economy here in Britain.  

Speaking on the report, Mark said:

"I am very glad to be supporting this new Taskforce which makes it clear that there are simple and practical ways to cut EU red tape. Whilst it’s vital that businesses can take full advantage of the EU’s single market, far too often EU rules are a handicap for our firms, hampering their efforts to succeed”. 

Mark commented:

“I am glad to hear that this report has also been backed by business leaders both across the West Midlands and the wider country. As someone who started and ran their own business for 25 years before becoming an MP, I know just how welcome this report will be to businesses here in Rugby”. 

Mark concluded:

“Business owners are forced to spend too much time complying with costly regulations and that means less time is spent on developing a new product, winning contracts or hiring young recruits. I commend this Taskforce and the Government for the support they are giving to businesses here in Rugby and in the UK as a whole”.






The Business Tasforce’s report can be viewed online at:…


For a summary of the recommendations, please click on the link below:…