Getting the PM’s backing for Rugby World Cup

Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby and Bulkington, last week spoke at Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons to highlight the opportunities that the Rugby World Cup will bring to the town. The Rugby World Cup, being hosted by England, begins this Friday, 18th September with the first match and opening ceremony being shown at the Rugby Fanzone.  

Speaking in the Chamber, Mark said: 

“We are just days away from the start in England of the world’s third largest sporting event—the rugby world cup. In addition to wishing luck to all the home nations, will the Prime Minister agree that this represents a great opportunity to the town of Rugby, the birthplace of the game?”

The Prime Minister responded:

“I certainly look forward to the warm welcome that Britain will give to rugby fans from around the world, and I am happy to wish luck to all the home nations in what is going to be a compelling contest. We want one of the home nations to win this tournament.”

Speaking afterwards, Mark commented:

“I think the Prime Minister speaks for all of us when he says that Britain will give a warm welcome to fans of the game of rugby and nowhere will that be clearer than here in Rugby. We have done a fantastic job in preparing for this event and I look forward to welcoming many fans of the game from around the world to our town, where I know they will get a warm reception.”