General Election 2017

This morning the Prime Minister announced that a General Election will be held on the 8th June.

This election will provide the people of our country with a clear choice between the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May and the Conservatives, and the chaos and incompetence of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

This Government has achieved a great deal since it came to power: employment is at record levels; unemployment is at its lowest level for 45 years; over 3 million UK workers have been taken out of paying income tax altogether; and millions are benefitting from the national living wage. Government spending is at record levels, including on pensions, health and education. There is still more to do and I firmly believe that only a Conservative government, led by Theresa May, can secure the bright future for Britain that we all want.

It has been an honour to serve as Rugby’s Member of Parliament for the last seven years and I hope to be able to continue to represent the interests of local people for many years to come.