Speeches in Parliament

Mark Pawsey MP raises awareness of rare genetic diseases in Parliament

On Thursday 6th December, Mark Pawsey MP raised the issue the rare genetic disease, Alpha 1, with the Leader of the House of Commons Andrew Lansley. Mark was recently visited by a constituent at a recent surgery appointment who suffers from this debilitating illness.

Mark Pawsey MP calls for a change to driver licensing

On Thursday, Rugby MP Mark Pawsey championed a change to driving laws that would make driving safer for young drivers by imposing certain restrictions people who have just passed their driving test. Mark spoke of the benefits that families and motorists could see if the country was to adopt a scheme called “Graduated Driver Licensing”. Given that 25% of the country’s young drivers have some mind of accident within the first six months of driving, this scheme looks to place a curfew on what time new drivers can be on the road, and restrictions on how many passengers a new young driver would be allowed to have in their car.