Local News

Building new social housing

Rugby Borough Council plans to build a new generation of high quality social housing. Today in Parliament, I asked the Government what help they can provide to projects such as this, which provide a clear social benefit to the whole of our community.

Supporting the Hospital of St Cross

I know how important delivering the right services at Rugby's great Hospital of St Cross is as our town grows. Supporting our NHS is at the top of the Government's priorities and I will work to ensure that Rugby gets its fair share during this Parliament.


Westminster Diary - New Years Message

There is a great deal to look forward to in 2020 as the Government prepares to embark upon the programme set out by the Conservatives during the General Election campaign to unleash Britain’s potential and deliver on our promises.

Protecting our natural environment

Protecting the environment is one of the most important challenges facing our generation. The Conservative Government’s new Environment Bill will establish new legally binding targets on air quality and environmental biodiversity.

Let's Get Brexit Done

On 12th December Rugby and Bulkington residents will vote in a General Election which will define the future of our country. The choice is clear. A vote for the Conservatives means leaving the European Union with a good deal; a vote for any other party is a vote that could stop Brexit.