Private Rented Sector – Select Committee Enquiry

I am a member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee which has recently completed an inquiry into the Private Rented Sector. It is clear that the Private Rented Sector in England and the UK as a whole is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 2000 it made up 10% of the housing stock but in 2011 it had risen to 17%. This rise suggests we may be seeing a long-term structural change to the housing market, and a shift from owner occupation towards renting.  The inquiry has been an in depth look at the state of the rental market in England and we have received widespread evidence from Membership Bodies, Housing Associations, Tenants, Landlords and Government Ministers. 

Fresher for Longer campaign launch – Parliamentary Debate

When we think of our weekly or monthly outgoings, food makes up a substantial part of our expenditure. And of course, it is a part of our expenditure that we cannot go without. So, when I heard that the average household throws away food worth £270 each and every year, I was determined to raise this in Parliament. 

Welfare Reforms

Parliament has recently spent a great deal of time considering changes the Government is making to the welfare system with the objective of making it fairer to the tax payer and to make it work for those it was designed to help

Planning, the construction industry and economic growth

It was Bill Clinton who came up with the now much-reported phrase, ‘It’s the economy, stupid’. And now, in 2012, we could repeat it to give a synopsis of the Coalition Governments much needed focus towards boosting growth – it is all about the economy.